Meet the team

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Dr Michele Genangeli

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CEO - Founder & Inventor


Lennart Huizing

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R&D Consultant

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Dr Guuske Busscher

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Business Developer

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drs. Lizzie de Muynck

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Marketing & Communication


Genax's multinational team with decades of textile industry expertise, as well as sales and product development, provides all necessary competencies and excellent access to customers and corporate partners all over the world.


Michele Genangeli, PhD - PhD 

Italian, born 29-09-1990, is the owner and inventor of the EU patent and the founder of Genax. He developed the patent in his garage right after obtaining his master’s degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology. He then continued his studies starting a double degree/Marie Curie PhD program between Italy (University of Camerino) and the Netherlands (Multimodal molecular imaging institute – M4I- Maastricht University). After his PhD, he started working as Junior Business Developer at the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) in Leiden and gained important funding for the start of the Field Lab Metabolomic company in Leiden. Michele has a passion for tech, and is an enthusiast entrepreneur with an excellent mixed background in health sciences, team management and sales. 


Lennart Huizing

After obtaining a Bachelors’ degree in medicine, he pursued his first master’s degree in biomedical science from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and his second master’s degree in bioelectronics in nanotechnology from Hasselt University in Belgium. In Belgium he also received his certificate in radiation protection. He is currently finalising his PhD thesis at the Multimodal molecular imaging institute – M4I – Maastricht University). He is a devoted and innovative scientist and was inventor on two filed patents during his PhD. He has a passion for improving health and will focus on the health and safety aspects and Genax products. Furthermore, with his knowledge of high-end materials and material modification from his background in nanotechnology he will also play an important role in the technical development.


Mrs. Guuske Busscher, PhD, MBA,

Studied Chemistry (major: organic chemistry) at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She subsequently obtained her PhD in the field of synthetic-medicinal organic chemistry. After her PhD she started working within Johnson & Johnson (Belgium, Beerse) within the medicinal chemistry department. After J&J she came back to the Netherlands and started working for DSM as a project leader at DSM Innovative Synthesis. After this experience she made a switch from life science to material science and from R&D to the business by starting to work for DSM Dyneema as new business development manager. During her work at Dyneema she finished her MBA at TiasNimbas business school. After this experience she started at Aspen Oss B.V. as director technical services for a worldwide customer base (>300) providing technical & regulatory advice. Currently she is also appointed as senior business developer Valorization within Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. Guuske will focus on the IP landscaping and filing, regulatory strategy, market analysis & sizing and competitor profiling.

drs. Lizzie de Muynck, MSc

Whilst finalising her BSc degree in European Public Health at Maastricht University, she spent 6 months working at the European Commission in Luxembourg at DG SANTE (Directorate General for Health and Food Safety). Here, she focused on EU-wide monitoring of the most prominent health threats, and ensuring these are considered during new policy formulation. Following this, she obtained her MSc degree in Oncology at the VUmc School of Medical Sciences in Amsterdam, and is currently working on her PhD in Molecular-Targeted Precision Surgery at the Leiden University Medical Center where she focuses on developing novel intra-operative molecular imaging tracers for pancreatic cancer. Although her area of expertise is mainly oncology related, her multi-disciplinary educational background and experience has provided her with the ability to quickly and effectively identify niche markets for Genax and ensuring accurate and informative communication to consumers.